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In 2010 there were 1.5 Billion local searches made on mobile devices.

Over 61 million smartphones are in use today and that number will continue to rise. What does that mean for small businesses? Current and potential customers are trying to access your website from a mobile device.

All websites built by En Fuego Sites are Mobile Ready. Not only will your website be able to recognize that a mobile device is trying to access the website, but it will display a different design that makes it easy for smartphone users to view the most important information about the company that they are looking for.

Appreciating a Good Mobile Website

No one realizes how important a good mobile website is until they’re in a rush.

It happens all the time…you get put on the spot to search for the nearest pizzeria, let’s just say. You think you’re prepared and ready for this task because you have your iPhone or Android all juiced up. Perfect, you think, until you hit the website for the local pizzeria to see if they have a hot Sicilian pie, and that little innocent progress bar on your screen immediately becomes your worst enemy. When will the site finish loading already? C’mon…the light’s going to turn green any second!

It’s not all about fast-loading. It’s about getting the info you need in front of your eyes with as few taps as possible.

Hit these URLs from your iPhone or Android to see it in action: